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Gluten-free lemon yoghurt cake

It’s a small mercy we’re living at the top of an almost vertical hill or I might have turned into the size of a house by now. Apparently that’s what happens when you bake a cake a day. My latest creation is a lemon yoghurt cake. Not a “lemon yoga cake” as my friend Chris thought I said when I offered him a slice (no, you don’t stand on your head while it bakes). Must be that Aussie accent of mine wreaking havoc yet again. Apparently it’s “yog-hurt” not “yo-ghurt”. Yeah, we’ll see about that. The inspiration came from my lovely neighbour who brought over a slice of homemade lemon drizzle cake last week. Yes, she should have wings and a halo, and no, you can’t have her.

lemon yoghurt cake

If you like citrus, this is the cake for you.

My gluten-free lemon yoghurt creation hails from England’s caking guru, Mary Berry. She has a baking bible called Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book (Second Edition) which has me drooling at every page. My adaptations include the use of gluten-free self-raising flour, reducing the amount of sugar (who am I kidding), and the addition of vanilla essence and xanthan gum (a handy binder in gluten-free baking). I also reduced the baking time from an hour to 40 minutes, but that could be because my oven is still broken and I’m currently using the grill as a makeshift oven. Don’t ask.

lemon yoghurt cake

Mmmm… citrus icing.

Egg whites beaten into soft peaks

Your egg whites should look like this once the soft peaks have formed.

The trickiest part of this recipe involves the egg whites. Here’s a how-to video from Delia Smith on how to beat the eggs to the soft-peak stage. It’s not difficult – you just want to make sure you don’t overbeat the eggs as once hard peaks form it’s too late to go back. Also, take special care when mixing the egg white mixture into the cake batter. You might find this video useful. It’s all about cutting, turning and folding.

Lemon yoghurt cake

Ready for the oven!

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Gluten-free desserts

When I first embarked on this food blogging caper last year, I was oblivious to the world of blogging (and food blogging, for that matter). I felt like a voyager chartering unknown territories and discovering new lands. Sadly for this late adopter, these “new lands” were by no means new, but rather, I was a bit behind the times. Nevertheless, it did beg me to wonder how blogging and I had managed to evade each other for so long. We were a perfect match and our union was long overdue… what, with me being a frustrated writer and it being so accessible and all.

I liken blogging to being in a relationship – you keep learning about each other as you peel off the layers. This has what happened over recent months as I’ve delved deeper into the blogosphere. You see, I’ve had to kiss dairy, gluten, eggs and shellfish goodbye for health reasons (it was a teary farewell), but the good news for sensitive souls like me is there’s loads of amazing recipes out there. I’m only scratching the surface of what seems to be a treasure chest of food-sensitivity nirvana. In the interests of sharing the love, here’s a round-up of gluten, egg and dairy-free desserts from some of the most talented food bloggers around.

1. Sweet pear and polenta muffins
The Gluten-free Goddess is a one of the best blogs I’ve come across. As well as being a God-send for people with food sensitivities, this blog is chock full of wisdom and anecdotes on relationships, love and life. Its fabulous author, Karina injects so much of herself into the blog that you just want to invite her over for dinner and give her a big hug. I’m yet to cook these vegan sweet pear and polenta muffins. Karina describes them as grainy and tender with soft sweet bites of pear that almost melt in your mouth.

Sweet pear and polenta muffins

2. Gluten-free carrot bread with Chai spices
Yet another marvel from The Gluten-free Goddess. I’m thinking of whipping up this tasty number this weekend. Doesn’t it look moorish?

Gluten-free carrot bread with Chai spices

3.Sweet potato biscuits
I only recently discovered The Sensitive Pantry and boy do I love it. It has my name written all over it with its spotlight on gluten, egg and dairy-free recipes. When I first found out that I had to give up dairy, eggs and grains, I pretty much kissed dessert goodbye. But recipes like this one for sweet potato biscuits just go to show that anything is possible with a bit of creativity.

Sweet potato biscuits

4. Lemon drizzle cake
I love cake and I love lemon, so this lemon drizzle cake from Pig in the Kitchen makes me as happy as a pig in mud. The secret ingredient to this allergy-free cake is an egg replacement product called Orgran ‘no egg’. It is made from potato starch, tapioca flour, vegetable gum, calcium, carbonate and citric acid. Talk about taking resourcefulness to the next level!

Lemon drizzle cake

5. No bake brownie fifteens
The best brownies I ever made contained sour cream and walnuts. I would share the recipe with you, but since I wouldn’t be able to eat it, I thought it best to share these allergy-friendly brownies with you instead. I found these on a fabulous Canadian blog, Healthful Pursuit. The majority of recipes on this holistic nutritionist’s blog are dairy, gluten, corn, yeast, and citrus free.

No bake brownie fifteens

6. Maple and almond cookies
And the prize for the most resourceful cook in the world goes to the person who invented an egg substitute from flaxseed, baking powder and water. Wonders will never cease. Admittedly, I am yet to bake these biscuits, so stay tuned and I’ll let you know if they taste as good as they look.

Maple and almond cookies


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